Scams on Auto Body Repairs

Be careful to where you are taking your car to for body repairs

An auto body shop that you can trust it’s important for every driver out on the streets. Your preferred body shop it’s there to help you make sure your car runs with no issues, fix repairs and save you money and make sure your car it’s in the right conditions to drive to protect your family members or any other passenger driving with you. 


Some shops can offer you a cheap auto body repair estimate by talking to you and not putting it in writing format before starting the repair process, but this can be an issue specially after the repair it’s completely done. There can appear bills that are far beyond from what you spoke with the mechanic at the beginning.

Repairs that are not necessary

Some people are not honest and you have to understand that, they can have a great attitude at the beginning but the truth it’s that you never know. A driver on a business trip noticed his car was leaking oil and a local mechanic shop told him he needed a new pump for $1250. Long story short, this driver ended up only paying $12 for a seal on the auto parts store.

Parts that were already used

Dishonest auto body shops may be using refurbished parts or used auto parts for your repair and still charge you like they used the original one. This type of parts put you and your relatives at risk when driving on the streets.

repairsThe life of others may be in danger whenever you are driving, it’s always important that you consider the best when repairing your car. Before taking your car to an auto repair like AP Auto Body in san diego,  make sure you visit their website, check reviews on Yelp ( to mention one) or go to their facebook page to see their work, their comments. I will suggest you go deep when researching for a mechanic. Does the shop look professional? It is a clean shop? What types of cars are they working on? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before starting any estimate.


In case you do get into a car accident…

Accidents happen, you need to know how to look for an Auto Collision Repair in San Diego

Your vehicle is a precious commodity which costs you good fortune. It should be properly looked after and maintained intermittently. If you don’t spend time and money on its maintenance, then it would lead to a reduction in its lifetime.

In a huge city like San Diego, getting into collisions and accidents is a common thing. When you find yourself in such a situation, you should get your car repaired as soon as possible. If not repaired, your vehicle will reduce in its efficiency and performance.

Leading auto collision repair service provider in San Diego. No matter how worse the situation is, our experienced professionals will repair it in the best possible fashion, making your car look like a new one.

Types of Collision Repair

Our team consists of experienced professionals. We deal in all sorts of collision repairs. Some of them are discussed below
Frame Straightening: It is a common observation that the frame of your vehicle changes in its structure when it meets an accident. We have frame straightening tools with which we can bring your vehicle back into its original shape.
Body Repair: Either it is a small dent or a large collision repair, we will do it for you at most optimum rates. Once we are done with our work, you will not be able to spot the place where a dent existed.
Paint Recovery:  When you meet small accidents, like scratching your car against another, it results inpaint damage. A ride with lost paint looks absurd and lowers your personality. We help you recover the damaged paint.
Our professionals in auto body  have years of experience in dealing with collision associated problems. Either it is a small dent or a huge damage, paint recovery, or frame straightening, we will do it for at the most appropriate rates, in the shortest possible time.

Collision repairing process involves following steps:

  • Estimate over Damage: The process starts with making an estimate of the damages which are observable from the outside. This gives you a rough idea over what sum of money you will require to get your car repaired.
  • Vehicle Disassembling: After giving you an estimate and reaching an agreement, your vehicle is disassembled. We let you know if there are any internal damages present.
  • Repaired and Reassembled: The damages are repaired, new parts are installed if needed, and then your vehicle is reassembled.  
  • Final Inspection: After completing the repairing process, a final inspection is done to make sure no damage is left unchecked.

What it is prohibited?

The law prohibits tolerance 0 alcohol every vehicle-treated time. Intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, no exceptions. The v / s the noise under the influence of alcohol: The difference is determined by the number of grams per thousand of blood alcohol. If more than 0.3 to 0.79; They are under the influence of alcohol. When 0.8 or more; You’re drunk.

What about my brand Alcotest 0.29 or less? Even before the October 29, 2012 It was a violation, the corresponding driving in poor physical or mental illness contemplated; But at that time, the owner of 0.29 or less is not prohibited by law.

How it is determined whether the person is drunk? It is important to note that the law provides that the court may consider any evidence, in particular: The general condition of the accused (incoherent speech, difficulty maintaining balance, etc.) These data are recorded in the police report)
The amount of alcohol in the blood. This test shows the Alcotest (breath test) and BAC (blood)

What if I refuse to be tested?

Unsubstantiated refusal of tests (alcotest or alcohol) are working to make a precedent which allows the judge for granted the intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol.

What sanctions take risks?

It all depends on whether under the influence of alcohol or while intoxicated caught driving; whether damage or injuries were caused, and whether it is the first time when you’re surprised or not.

What if you have to keep in mind is that in all cases a composite sentence consisting of imprisonment and a fine, and suspension or revocation of the license.

The mildest situation a case of driving would be under the influence of alcohol, a person with no history and does not cause damage or injury. In this case, that the sanction risks will be the suspension of driver’s license for 3 months and fined 1-5 UTM.

The worst situation would be a case while driving intoxicated, with reoffending and serious injury or death. In this case, the penalty would be imprisonment for a period of 3 years from 1 day to 5 years to drive plus a penalty of 20 to 80 UTM and lifelong disability.

What if I do not, the penalty to pay money?

Fines can be replaced always given by working for the community or talking about prevention through the municipalities.