Increase your exposure with Digital Podiums

The company located in San Diego “Visual Podiums” started a new venture in 2014 that it keeps growing as the years pass by. They are the leading manufacturers of digital podiums in the United States with more than 10,000 podiums all over the states. These digital podiums are a great way if you want to exposure your promotions, products, offers or event.374vale It’s pretty cool actually to see how they came out with this idea, just simply because it makes outdoor advertising easier to reach the people specially if you are in a big stadium parking the only way to communicate with your customers it’s by placing signs showing the way, but it’s different if you have in your possession a few digital podiums. Digiads it’s the distributor and only authorized agency. These digital valet podiums can be placed at any¬† place you would like and choose to run all of your video ads in all of them at the same time or divide them depending on the section they are. You can choose to run ads in for instance lets say 4 of them and in 8 of them play other advertisement. Pretty cool huh.

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